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Robot Vacuums Mapping vs. Non-Mapping Versions

The use of robot vacuum cleaning has increased unlike in the past where you would only find them in selected homes. In the same way, many manufacturers have come up to make new models of robot vacuum cleaners so that they can tap into this available market.

The more advanced robot vacuum cleaners have a mapping technology that will allow them to know the layout of the house such that they will carry out the cleaning in the designated areas and then find their way to the charging dock if the battery gets low or when the cleaning is complete.

Non-mapping robot vacuum cleaners have to be manually controlled at some instances though they will still have the benefit of cleaning without too much human intervention.

The following are the benefits of Mapping Robot Vacuum Cleaners

  • It is an ideal tool for a person with mobility problem: A robot vacuum cleaner that has a mapping ability will be very useful for a person who cannot be able to move around. Some of the robot vacuum cleaners have the ability to clean different rooms and still find their way to the charging dock when the battery runs low. Once they are fully charged, they will resume the cleaning to the placing where they had stopped.
  • A robot vacuum cleaner that has a mapping technology will be able to detect any change between surfaces and adjust the settings to effectively clean the new surface. They will also be able to detect walls, stairs or furniture so that they do not bump into them or fall off the stairs when cleaning.
  • Most of the robot vacuum cleaners that have a mapping system will also have a virtual wall that will enable you to set the boundaries of the areas that should be cleaned and those that are out of bounds. You will be able to keep the robot vacuum cleaner from going to places where the pet’s feeding bowl or the litter box is in the cleaning process.
  • Most of the robot vacuum cleaners that have a mapping technology can be controlled using a Smartphone from any location. All you have to do is to send a command and before you get home, the house will have been cleaned from all dirt.

There are robot vacuum cleaners that can be custom made if the layout of the house is complex. For such, the house owner has to submit information regarding the layout of the house to the robot vacuum manufacturer.

Mapping robot vacuum cleaners will use special lasers or cameras that will help them find their way around the house when cleaning. They will work methodically like a human being mostly in a straight line and once the room is clean, they will move to the next room and continue with the cleaning.  If the battery runs low, it will get back to the recharge station and when fully charged, it will continue with the cleaning process.

Both the mapping and the non-mapping vacuum cleaners have to be properly taken care of if you want them to remain in good shape. The cleaning brushes that are found on the lower side should be cleaned using the special tools that were provided when buying the robotic cleaner.

The more advanced robot vacuum cleaners will empty the bin that is used in storing the dirt that has been collected during the cleaning while others will need help in emptying the bin. Keeping the robot vacuum cleaner in good condition will ensure that the suction power is maintained throughout its lifespan.

Robot vacuum cleaners that have a mapping technology will cost more than the non-mapping robot vacuum cleaners.  They may also pose a security threat especially when they are custom made to know the layout of a complex building. This is because robot vacuum cleaner manufacturers will disclose the information given to them during the making of the customized robotics to their partners. This information may accidentally get into wrong hands and be used in planning a robbery.

It is important to know the credibility of the manufacturer you are entrusting the making of a custom made mapping robot vacuum cleaner. Look for reviews from customers who have had a mapping robot vacuum cleaner custom-made for them to know if they can be trusted.

You can choose to have either the mapping or the non-mapping vacuum cleaner according to the complexity of the area you need the robot vacuum cleaner to work on.